LD4000 Strike Alert HD Field Lightning Detector with Heat Index

New Strike Alert HD LD4000 Field Portable Lightning Detector introduced for safety from dangerous weather conditions.

Strike Alert Inc has developed the new standard for outdoor safety with the introduction of the Strike Alert® HD Field Personal Lightning Detector.

Whether working or playing outdoors, early warning of dangerous weather conditions is crucial in ensuring safety. Lightning kills more people on an annual basis than tornadoes, hurricanes, or winter storms. With new record high temperatures seem to be set regularly, there are sharp increases in people injured from heat stress. In addition, lightning kills more people on an annual basis than tornadoes, hurricanes, or winter storms.

Made in the USA, StrikeAlert HD Field is the first portable device that combines both lightning detection and heat index monitoring. The StrikeAlert HD family of devices are the first portable detectors with an intuitive graphical user interface that shows you the strike distance, 1-hour storm trend. The Strike Alert® HD Field add the current stress level displayed on the Heat Stress index chart The StrikeAlert HD and StrikeAlert HD Field offer the industry’s first portable lightning detector with a colour display and feature audible and vibrate warnings, and up to 80 hours of operation from two AA batteries.

This omni directional capability removes the blind spots of current 180 degree detectors. The StrikeAlert HD covers you independent of orientation, toss it in your backpack or clip it to your golf bag and trust that it will detect in all directions. The ingenious 60 minute Storm Trend function quantifies the number of strikes each minute as well as the distance. This trend is useful for identifying the appropriate action and duration according to your regulations.

The StrikeAlert HD Field continues to innovate by adding Heat Index monitoring. The Heat Index is a measure of how hot it really feels when relative humidity is factored in with the actual air temperature. This is important because of the increased risk of heat exhaustion and heat stroke due to the body's reduced ability to cool itself through perspiration. The StrikeAlert HD Field's colour graphical display allows for quick determination of the existing risk factor using the standard 4 colour heat stress chart. A cursor indicates whether Caution (yellow), Extreme Caution (light orange), Danger (deep orange), or Extreme Danger (red) conditions exist.

Access to both lightning and heat index information is important to those responsible for the safety of others such as coaches and referees and those who work and recreate outdoors. . The StrikeAlert HD Field is the single piece of equipment that manages the risks of dangerous weather conditions.